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    Learn How to Life Better

  • What does it mean to Life Better?

    When people ask me what it means to Life Better I explain that when clients come to me their life is out of balance. They are facing obstacles and they need someone to walk alongside them to help them navigate their way to a better life, one they can truly enjoy.

Denisa Washington
  • Hi, I'm Denisa!

    As a therapist I look at each client as an individual with individual needs and hopes.  I always tell my clients that I am walking alongside them on their journey, not leading them. My clients know that, even when things get rough, I will continue to walk alongside them. I like to create the space for my clients to be vulnerable, if they need to laugh or let go, I will hold the space for that, too.

    My clients love that my office is a judgment-free zone. No matter how intense things get, my clients know that I can see their humanity and their soul. We are here together and I am going to walk with you.

  • Therapy Services

life narrative

Life Narrative

Piecing patterns together based on our life story. We work together to find the stuck points to rework and the resilience that can serve you right now.


Focus on Connection

No matter who comes into my office, much of what they are searching for is a stronger connection to others and to themselves.

spirit move

Letting the Spirit Move

I don’t shy away from acknowledging the spiritual aspect of our work together. I find that spirituality applies to everyone, regardless of religious beliefs.

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